OswegO is specialized in customer relationship management. In this broad field, OswegO focuses on operational issues of customers’ backgrounds and brings a load of tailor-made solutions for its customers.

Thanks to a long experience of its top management team in France and abroad, OswegO has both the methodological and professional backgrounds required to offer the most ad-hoc offerings to its clients.

OswegO develops an approach based on world-class referentials such as COPC and European ones such as EN 15 838.

OswegO is a member of the Association Française de la Relation Client (French Association of Customer Relationship)

It is also a homologated training provider (DA N° 11755068475)

Your Objectives, Our Solutions

Our sector experiences


Operational Excellence

We defend the idea that in every client interaction, perfection and execution must go hand in hand. The means, the time, the competencies must be available to deliver an exceptional relationship that values the client and the brand which it has chosen.

Team spirit

We believe that the team spirit is a behavior required for the success of our business projects. It is also particularly vital for the well-being of all stakeholders. To feel fully part of a team, to be supportive of the other members, to be able to lower one's profile for the sake of the common interest are concrete means to show our commitment to this value day in day out.


This essential principle is embodied in our relationships with all our partners. Permanently protecting your interests, handling your priorities before ours and keeping the highest confidentiality give shape to our integrity.


Even in the most standardized industries, nothing may replace the unique role of the innovative, the visionary engineer who imagines the first piece of a long series. We respect the creativity of our partners and value it as a unique treasure and we are focused on developing our own innovation capacity.

Our team

We created OswegO to promote our experience and share it with our customers. My career path enabled me to work in numerous industries, at different times of technological advancement and in various positions. I know that each situation is unique and requires as much creativity in its conception as it does require rigor in the execution of the solution. Je sais que chaque situation est originale et requiert autant de créativité dans la conception que de rigueur dans l’exécution de la solution.
Olivier Pellevoizin, Associate Director
In the course of my career I found that Operational Client Relationship is the aspect most prone to failure. Based on my experience, I’m convinced of the importance to focus on customer and service, definition and understanding of measures of success, accountability, costs, time and commitment, organizational politics and technological driven strategies. But I also realize that organization should not underestimate the cornerstone of Excellence in Operation….a committed executive, visible support of senior management and required support for the people to translate the strategy in Operation Excellence at all level.
Claudia Jimenez, Associate Director